Sunday, July 31, 2016

Notes from Paradise - Our Own Human Revolution Changes the World

From my apartment in the early morning sun

Hello, here we are at the brink of August. I'm celebrating being in my new apartment in Florida for one month, seven years of this blog, and the anniversary of Daisaku Ikeda meeting Josei Toda and finding his new mentor and philosophy of life.

Lately, every time I read the poem Daisaku Ikeda composed and recited to Josei Toda at his first meeting, it brings tears to my eyes:

From whence do you come?
And where are you going?
The moon has set.
But the sun has not yet risen.
In the chaos of darkness before the dawn
seeking the light,
I advance
To dispel the dark clouds from my mind
To find a great tree unbowed by the tempest
I emerge from the earth."

August 2016, Living Buddhism, cover

I imagine this scene over and over in my mind. I take it to be a meeting of two joined hearts...a re-meeting of if they had always known each other, and reencountered each other at this meeting.

The words of the poem strike me in so many ways. Remember the time? 
Japan was still in ruins...people were wondering what kind of hope to have...and in whom to believe. 
"The moon has set."
The war is over...
"but the sun has not yet risen". 
What will the future hold? 

We can all relate to this in different ways. 
In my life, the moon has set. I have begun my new life without my son, and I have moved 1200 miles away from my friends and family...
"But the sun has not yet risen"
....I am rebuilding my life...making new friends...finding my way in a new land, a new paradise. Last night, and many nights, I walk along the beach and marvel at the incredibly beautiful sky. And I see lovers of all ages, and families with little sweet boys playing together...and I think "Keep smiling Jamie you are building your just got here less than a month ago!"

And I set my own sights on my mentor in faith Daisaku Ikeda. He is a man of peace...a man of prayer...a man of action. Every day I chant to see the world through his have have creativity and drive to do shakubuku! (I have someone set to get the Gohonzon next weekend...and am chanting for her every day. I'll let you know more next week.) And I chant and strive to see that my life has meaning...that all of our lives have meaning. We have the most profound philosophy. Are we living in a way that lights the way for others...
We are continually striving!  

And we are all living in this in-between time in America. We are seeing the potential rise of self-centered egomaniac who wants to command all...and many of us are concerned. I have been chanting ceaselessly for kosen-rufu to come through my own own life!

And doing shakubuku has never been more important. 
As each new person gives rise to human revolution within their life...we change ALL of life. 

Let's all keep chanting and bringing forth the power of the universe from within our lives! 

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