Saturday, February 6, 2010


Oh so many changes...

I am still diligently pouring my life into my Daimoku (chanting) every day. I'm chanting for the growth of the Downers Grove District...and that all members everywhere experience benefits and share this practice.

AND I'm chanting for protection and wisdom! I decided not to buy that condo I blogged about a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if I just got cold feet or I just realized I don't want to have something sit on the market for a long time when I decide to sell it! I don't know...I still think about it. And I'm looking at apartments and other alternatives. We're also starting soon to figure out how we'll divide things.

It's sad you know. I'm married to a very good person. We raised two excellent young men. But it's time - make this move!

So every morning I sit and true-up in front of my altar. I say what I'm thinking and feeling...(in my mind as I'm chanting) then I set my sights on chanting in appreciation...and I move into what I want to create...including chanting for the happiness of everyone in my life.

This is an interesting time.

This month is Women's Month in Buddhism. Last night we got together to chant, and learn more about this practice and get to know each other. We are so lucky to have so many cultures practicing Buddhism. No one is left out!

Let me hear from you - and I'll blog more often!

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