Sunday, February 14, 2010

Major Goal Achieved! Breakthroughs!

Well...I'm making it through the storm in a grand way, that's all I can say. Things have taken such a turn for the best! Business is booming, I'm in demand with so many cool things...and I have move ins happening. I've been invited to wonderful parties...things are just hopping. I spent yesterday with my wonderful son in Champaign...watching him run...going out to dinner...talking about the really important things. He went to WDC at the winter break and lived as a homeless person for 2 days and 2 nights...he got to see what an outcast really feels like...and there he is chanting in his fraternity at Illinois...MAN!
What a great day...and my younger son ran his best in a meet on Friday night and we reconnected with all our dear running family friends. I came home last night to a living room full of teenagers - I jsut love having them around!

And this morning I made it to the ILAC (Illinois Area Community Center) where I always chant ROUSING...FIGHTING daimoku with a great group. This morning I led the chanting for the last half hour of the 2 hour chanting session (toso). I always begin the chanting by inviting President Ikeda to join us in our chanting, and I focus on connecting deeply with my inner being and my desires ---I chant to connect soooo strongly, that those who are chanting with me feel a deeper connection than they EVER have! Literally, I was perspiring, and I never perspire! It's amazing when the energy just flows!!!
Then I was treated to a wonderful party...and did some fun shopping...and watched some amazing olympics...great weekend!!!

And I reached my diet goal today! I reached the goal I set for myself...I may decide to still lose some more, but I have reached a landmark in my life and I feel great! Now, to enter the world of eating other things...geez, I hardly even want to try. Maybe I'll live on steak and chicken for the rest of my life! I can't believe the cute clothes I'm wearing.

AND I got rid of a longing that has plagued me for a year. I passed the year mark of an event, and just determined to myself that something would go click in my heart...and my feelings would change...I would no longer feel a longing for something so deeply...something I clearly cannot have at this time.

I feel so peaceful and happy.

This Wednesday is the Women's meeting at my house...a very special meeting. Email if you want to come. I am chanting for everyone who comes to have a major breakthrough in their lives!!! It could be you!
Hugs, Jamie

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