Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aah, tis a gift to inspire!

Oh Mannn, I love to inspire people! And I love to inspire people who inspire others, that's for sure. Today was the greatest buddhist Meeting at the Chicago Buddhist Center.
It was a meeting for District learn together and to set the course for the next two years.

I was able to spend a few moments sharing the success of the District that I co-lead here in Downers Grove.

Our success all stems from what we call the Master/Disciple relationship. Anyone can call themselves a Buddhist...but to truly embrace the incredible gold that lies within the master/disciple relationship is a lofty, golden, wonderful opportunity. At all times I ask myself "How would President Ikeda see this situation?"
I chant to see the world through his wise eyes, hear the world through his ears and make decisions based on his wisdom. When I chant for the members in my district, I chant for them to be incredibly happy and for them to know this relationship as well.

I picture President Ikeda as a great spinning motor...he is a normal person with exceptional Ichinen (will put into action). He accomplishes in one day what it takes many weeks to do. I chant to meld my energy with his.

Because of this, our district flourishes. Every member is receiving benefits and growing in faith every day. New members are joining us every month!

On the wall by my altar is a picture of all the members, and I chant for each one, and we all chant for each other.
I begin each meeting greeting every person who comes is a party-like feeling.
We celebrate all of our successes and also mourn our losses together.

I teach Gongyo (the recitation of the Lotus Sutra) by doing what I call Echo Gongyo. It is the same way I taught my kids...similar to the way music can be learned. I say a line in perfect rhythm and with energy...and the group repeats it the same way. When we get to the end of each section we go back and say it all together perfectly! People learn so quickly!

We also take full advantage of all the technical tools at our disposal. I send colorful, bright emails, and we text as often as we like. Some people love texting, others don't. We have incredible growth and happiness in our district. I am always happy to help others learn what we are doing right!

Chanting two hours a day, of course is the key as well!

Aaahh this is a great way to live!

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