Thursday, January 20, 2011

Results, Results, Results~!

Why do people chant?

To get results!

Last night's meeting was filled with the benefits that people are getting from chanting.

We went around the room and here are some of the reports:

One young man in his twenties looked fantastic...he had been chanting about 4 months, and said he'd had quite a week. A barrage of challenges came his way, and he calmly handles all of them! He was so peaceful and serene. he has the peace of mind that so many long for.

One young woman who turned 20 this year has been chanting about 5 months. She talked about how her Mom's company was just sold and her Mom was worried about keeping her job. She's been chanting for her Mom and things are looking good.

One woman has been chanting about 2 weeks, and she said that last night she had sweet dreams instead of nightmares. I can feel her energy rising and the light returning to her face. She's been suffering from sadness, and I can see she is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I started chanting I was very sad. My prayer was "get me out of this! I've been happy before, I can be happy again!" and very quickly I felt a change in my heart...a lightness...a feeling of hope...of rising from the depths! And I saw results all around me...I got a job...I became much more active and I felt excited about my life again.

Another person talked about a near-miss car accident. She was chanting and knows that chanting helped protect her from harm.

I'm personally all excited because a University in California wants to fly Ben out for a visit...and I am very optimistic about my future! I'm exploring ways to publish my book...Chant for Happiness...based on this blog.

Every person at the discussion meeting had a positive story to tell...everyone was glowing...everyone was showing the power of using this magnificent chant to accomplish their goals and create a happy life.

Discussion meetings a fun...short...a great away to connect. They last an hour and a half. For the first half hour you chant. After that there is open discussion, study and sharing. Friends are made. Lives are changed. You can find your nearest SGI discussion meeting by going to and calling the center closest to you. There is no cost and all are welcome! My meeting is in Downers Grove Illinois, USA. Every Wednesday. All are welcome!

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