Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great Benefits Abound!

We've had a wonderful benefit here!

My son Ben, who is 18 and a senior in High School has been looking at colleges for a year or so. he's visited many of them, and gotten calls from numerous running coaches all over the country. He has been chanting and studying hard, and running.

This Sunday he went to Miami of Ohio for a visit. He went alone by bus. He loved it the moment he got there. At some of the colleges he's visited, the runners were isolated and spent a lot of their time playing video games. Ben's not much of a video game player, and wants to be integrated into the whole college experience.

At Miami of Ohio he felt at home right away. He loved the feel of the campus and everything he experienced there. He saw that the runners are really a part of everything...and, on Monday...the coach told him about a great scholarship offer he could extend to Ben. And Ben accepted the offer on the spot.

That's the part that gets me the most...I am so impressed by the fact that Ben was certain...he knew without a doubt that this was the right college for him...and it offered him the biggest scholarship of them all...almost a full ride. isn't that something. That is fortune. That is the kind of fortune you get by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. When Ben chants, he chants so heard he sweats. His whole life flows through his daimoku.
And now he is set.
It was a visual transformation as well. When he came home on Monday he LOOKED like a college boy. And he looked so serene. He has made a major decision. He made it by himself, and he fulfilled a goal he has had for many years of going to school on scholarship...his running efforts have paid off in a big way...all that running in the rain...all that has all paid off! Go Ben! I am soooo proud of you!!!


  1. I know Ben through you and your blog and please let him know that I am proud of him too. Remarkable performance Ben,keep chanting and keep it up. You inspire me as well as million others who read the blog...lots of love

  2. Wonderful! :) It's such a wonderful thing to see such focus and good things....YAY! You have reminded me I need to keep chanting and loving and living! Your blog is great. Thank you.

  3. hi.. This is Hema from India. I was just browsing the net about this chant and I came across your blog. I am new to this. I do chant this in my house without the Gohonzon. Yet to find some one to guide me about this. I have many prayers( do have quite a bit of problems to e sorted out) to make. Can I chant for all of them at one go or do I just put in only one of my prayers and chant for that prayer to be answered. Pls guided thanks

  4. Hi, I am very encouraged by your experience and benefits you received from your practice. I need some guidance on my prayers. Is it alright to be praying for someone to come back to me? Or is to pray that I can attract someone back into my life? I am chanting for my ex-fiance to come back to me, he is now with another girl who was the third party.