Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wonderful benefit, wonderful life!

I am about to have such a great day.

My friend Katie is visiting from Montana. She and I became friends freshman year of High School. She walked up to me in the student center of Oak Park River Forest high School in Oak Park, Illinois, and asked me if I liked John Denver. Did I "Like" John Denver? At the time he was my spiritual compass, my light at the end of the tunnel, the spirit that kept my heavy heart hoping for release from my unhappiness. We became instant friends.

Years later, when I was about to fly to Chicago from San Francisco for the tenth anniversary of my graduating class, I chanted to find the person who needed and wanted to learn about chanting.

Katie and I saw each other outside the door to the event, spent the evening together, and she has chanted ever since. Even though she lives in Montana, we are in constant contact.

Today, we are joining another OPRF alumni at the Art Institute of Chicago. He is Vince Michael and I just spent an hour reading his blog. He's a preservationist of architecture and we're getting a personal tour of the Louis Sullivan exhibit from him at the Art Institute.

Check out his blog. I learned so much...I appreciated so much. After the Art Institute we're headed for adventures in Chicago and Second City tonight! Woohoo! I know how to live! But first...on to chant appreciative Daimoku!!

Here's Vince's Blog:


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