Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dear friend in Bombay

Oh, my heart goes out to you Anamika!!
Please take the words I am going to tell you to heart.
(I received an email from a new friend in Bombay and this is my response - what I am saying here can encourage anyone and is meant specifically for Anamika) Her comment can be found under my posting of February 2nd.

Dear Anamika, please do not give up! Above all do not give up! You say you have been chanting since June. Are you in a District? Do you have friends in faith? Do you have the words of President Ikeda to read? Do you have your Gohonzon enshrined in a safe place in the heart of your home?

This Buddhism is the sure way for you to create happiness in your life. Please do not doubt this. Chant every single day for as long as you possibly can. Chant for exactly what you want and need. Make a specific list of what you need and want...the things you need for your life and safety, and the way you want to feel inside. Please chant from the bottom of your heart to connect with the spirit and the energy of Daisaku Ikeda, and chant to do your Human Revolution so you can experience true happiness. Your current suffering is actually your MISSION in life to CHANGE!!! And by changing this suffering you will inspire others to be able to change their karma too.

When you are chanting make a great vow to achieve VICTORY in all areas of your life. Remember that when you chant you are not asking anyone to bestow favors upon you. You are instead ACTIVATING THE POWERFUL UNIVERSE WITHIN YOUR LIFE. Chant with determination that you will WIN!!!

Remember that your karma is CHANGEABLE...(IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT)!!! You will create the BIGGEST HAPPINESS AND FORTUNE IN YOUR LIFE by chanting. Do not have any doubt. From the depths of the muddy swamp comes a brilliant lotus flower...a life of brilliance shining like the sun.

Do not give up hope. Chant as often as you possibly can. Chant for exactly what you need. Be specific. Be BOLD. Chant hard. When you chant...chant from the depths of your body...feel the energy flowing through every chakra.

Chant with the conviction that YOU CANNOT FAIL. You ARE A BUDDHA!!! YOU MUST SUCCEED for the sake of your own happiness and that of your son. Don't worry about your son not talking to you right now. Chant for his happiness every day and you will be reunited at some time in the future. Don't worry. Chant instead.

Do you have an email address I can email directly? I will write to you often and chant for you and help you in any way I can. One of the members in my district is in Delhi right now and I'll bet she would be able to talk to you by phone if you want. Can you send me a picture of you? I will share your story with the members of my district and they will chant for you too. You can also write President Ikeda and tell him of your struggles and determinations.

Have you heard of Tina Turner or seen her movie "What's Love Got to Do With It?" She is a big pop star, and was living a tortured relationship with Ike Turner before she discovered chanting. She was able to break from him and start a brilliant new life! She made her movie to show people that from the muddiest swamp comes the most beautiful flower. That is the reality of YOUR LIFE. You will be a brilliant beaming flower. Chant chant chant and write me again and again. I am Sincerely chanting for your happiness!

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  1. Hi Thank you so much for this post its made my day and now I am determined to chant and change my life for good. You are god sent angel for details and no for you and my no is 919769235580. I will wait for your mail. I can attach my pic once I get your mail id. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart..