Monday, March 7, 2011

Benefits Abound!

When going through something like this...applying for a job and hoping to get it, it's important to remember all the benefits you have every day.

My benefits include: My health! After my surgery last year I am walking effortlessly wit a spring in my step and no pain! wonderful Aaron...exceeding expectations as a Junior at the University of illinois...fulfilling his duties of being the President of the running club...he's running faster than ever (which really makes him happy!) and getting a 4.0 in his studies to boot. He's chanting and having a great social life too. He's taking advantage of ALL that college life has to offer! wonderful Ben~! I just mentioned his name here at the Panera and a complete stranger said "You're Ben's mother? I know all about Ben!" and he started telling me how Ben is fast like lightning. THis happens all the time...mention his name around town and everyone knows who he is. In the meantime Ben's deciding on a prom date and planning his original songs for ther open mic later this week. grateful to have discovered chanting and to be a disciple of President Ikeda's! I searched for this practice until I found it at the age of 25. What if I hadn't found it? I am so grateful to be able to chant and to be a part of this incredible organization.

...grateful for all the friends and love I have around me every day!

...grateful for my readers! I love it when you send me comments. I love that I have the honor of encouraging you and giving you hope.

Thank you!!!!

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