Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cruise success!

What an unbelievable time I had!

Every single moment of this cruise was like living in the land of tranquil light.

Every morning before I started my day I chanted strongly and was absolutely connected to the power in my life. I chanted to enjoy every moment and connect with the right people and savor EVERYTHING!

Every evening, before I headed out to the evening activities I connected again in the same powerful way.

And there was not a moment of loneliness, not a moment of frustration or despair! There was some drama when the tour I signed up for was cancelled...and there was confusion for an hour and a half. I really wanted to swim with the stingrays at the Cayman Islands! Finally, a wonderful couple and I figured a new strategy and had the most beautiful day holding and kissing (really!) the stingrays in the cove. Did you know there is a career called "Stingray wrangler"? Don't you just love that! Did you know that the stingrays are the puppies of the sea? They told me that if they don't go out to the sand bar to visit the rays for a few days because of inclement weather the rays are SOOOO excited to see them when they finally return! It's not for the food...they are affectionate creatures!

I'll try to post a picture.

I started my new job yesterday and chanted a mind blowing two hours before going in today. More about that later. Keep chanting. Keep living a life of ultimate victory. All of my dreams are coming true....all of YOURS can too!!!!

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