Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For those of you doing tozos (longer chanting sessions)...how is it going?

In case you don't know, a tozo is chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for an extended time with a certain purpose in mind...a goal and a determination. 

How are your tozos going? Remember that you probably will not see the result the next day, but you HAVE MADE THE CAUSE and you definitely will get the result. There are two kinds of benefits, conspicuous and inconspicuous. Of course we all like to see the results right away, but inconspicuous benefits go into our lives and helps us build the fortune...real fortune...like health and prosperity. So do not despair if a tozo doesn't show a result in two minutes. Remain confident and keep chanting every day twice a day!

A tozo can be one hour, 2 hours, 3 etc. The longest I've ever chanted was 12 hours in a row. I did it right before Rock the Era in 2010 and I chanted for youth in the SGI. I chanted for them to find out about the SGI, to join, and for all of them to realize their dreams and tell their friends about the practice.   

It was easy for me to do this tozo for two reasons. First of all, I wasn't alone. I did it at the Illinois Activity Center with many people. And I remember people came and went throughout the day, but me and one other woman...we stayed the whole time only taking a break to eat or drink or just step outside for a second to get some air. 

At that time my district didn't have any youth in it. Within a few months we had four...and of course, the Rock the Era festival was a huge success at the University of Illinois Pavilion and my two sons and two of their friends were able to attend. 

The second reason it was easy for me to do this tozo is how much I suffered as a youth. I lived in a constant state of hunger for just about everything...friends...grades...a release from the deep sadness I brought into this world that had no right to come with me. I know it was my karma, I'm clear about that, but my family was wonderful and I didn't have to suffer in the way so many children do in challenging situations. No, I was surrounded with love from everyone but myself! So I always have a determination for youth to find this practice. I remember myself as a high schooler...always in love with the boy who didn't care about me...always LOOKING for the spiritual practice I could use to end my suffering. 

That's right, I was born knowing this practice had to exist, I KNEW there had to be a practice I could put my energy into and somehow channel my energy into positive changes in my life and for others. But every time I looked into Buddhism I found the same things: I was told that the CAUSE of my sufferings is desire and if I could alleviate my attachments to desires I could be happy. I rejected that for two reasons. One, it was totally theoretical. It offered no practice, and two, even more importantly, I didn't want to give up my desires. I felt they were a part of who I was. 

So I kept looking until I found the ONE practice that not only allows you to keep your desires, but actually tells you that your desires will lead you to enlightenment. 

THIS is why I am always doing shakubuku. (Introducing people to Nam Myoho Renge Kyo). THIS is why I write this blog and tell people about this practice every day. Happiness is attainable right here right now. I am living proof. 

You too can achieve all your dreams. Just remember that you must keep traveling on the road no matter how many inner "demons" you have to face. Because, after all, isn't it the voices of doubt in our own head the hardest things to overcome? Those voices say "Oh this works for other people but not for me", or "This practice is just too hard, and why do I still have problems?" And of course, you will always have challenges. They are the fuel that builds your strong faith, but only if YOU DO NOT GIVE UP!!! There is a happy life for you. Please persevere and help others too. Please pass along this blog url to people. chantforhappiness.com, so we can both help more people. 
Much love!

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