Monday, March 26, 2012

More on Friendships, and a great quote on the Buddha of Limitless Joy

One of the wonderful readers of this blog wrote me yesterday that she had read the last blog I posted and been amazed because she is going though the exact same karma I did regarding friends. She also watches Sex in the City and wonders where her true friends are, and what she can do to have friends.

 (In the last blog I talked about how rich I am in friendships and how all my friends are actual proof that this practice works) 

Thank you for writing and please don't give up. To have more friendships I chanted to change whatever I needed to change in my own life to have more friends. I chanted to praise my life, and to make friends. I chanted to be open. One by one I made friends, then I set dates to introduce them to each other. I also determined to become closer to my SGI district friends and I'm sure that helped. So now I have several groups of friends. All my friends are very positive energy people of course! 
If I can change my karma so can you! And as I mentioned, I never really figured our WHY I didn't have enough friends, and the answer to that question is, I firmly believe, unimportant. Just chant to have friends and be open to meeting people. Listen more than you talk, and before you know'll have the benefit too!

I have a great quote from Daisaku Ikeda to share with you. It's from the study material for the test we'll be taking later this week. From the essay "Practicing the Lotus Sutra in the Latter Day of the Law" I found his description of being a 


Boy, do I like the sound of that!
Here's the quote: 

"Nichiren Daishonin embodied a profound state of enlightenment referred to as "the Buddha of limitless joy." This same magnanimous life-condition resides in us all." President Ikeda describes the life-condition as "absolute freedom, bright and unfettered." He continues: 

"It abounds with compassion toward all living beings and with sympathy for those who are suffering. It surges with inexhaustible wisdom and spiritual energy, and overflows with infinite life force, good fortune and benefit. And it burns with the courage to battle the negative tendencies in oneself and others, afraid of nothing." (May 2002 Living Buddhism, p.44)

This life-condition is what we will ALL attain if we don't give up...if we treat all obstacles as benefits...introduce as many people as we can to this practice and keep chanting, no matter what!!


  1. I did 2 hour chant last week and an one hour chant, I usually do 2 15 min chant,

    i cant really say if anything feels different from the longer chants...i plan to do more, i am almost 30 days chanting, expecting a miracle

  2. Thank you so so touched!! I am really challenging to chant for long hours (since May 3rd is coming). Please share some encouraging words so that we can "joyfully" chant for long hours.

    Thanks again.god bless you