Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Having a Karma Attack?

OK, first of all, the phrase "karma attack" is not an official Buddhist phrase. I have to admit, I made it up! Sometimes, it's the only way to explain what it feels like when part of your world is spinning in what looks like a downward spiral. Right now I'm having an experience like this in a certain area of my professional life. 
Have you ever felt this way? Like something very familiar (and not positive) is happening...a repeat of something that has happened to you before, and it's rearing its ugly head yet again? What are some examples? How about when you seem to be having the same relationship problems over and over...only with different people. Or the same job problems in different jobs. 

So what do you do? How do you chant when it seems that the same problem (each time a little less severe, because you ARE changing your karma) has come up. 

First of all, don't let your own inner darkness defeat you. It is all too easy to say "this chanting doesn't work anyway...why even try." It is all too easy to let doubt take over. But don't surrender! That is truly the voice of your inner darkness, not your Buddha self.  And, sometimes it becomes agonizingly hard to chant. Has that ever happened to you? It does to me! And I start hearing negative thoughts all day as I'm working. This is a karma attack! 

What do I do? What can you do? 

First of all, I contact my Buddhist friends and let them know I need some daimoku. I chant for many people, and sometimes I need a boost from my friends too! And I call the people who inspire me most and get some words of wisdom and guidance. I MAKE myself chant even when it's so hard. I know I am busting through something life changing. I study and chant as much as I can, and I take the time to encourage other people who are struggling. I listen carefully to the advice I give others such as: you know you are going to have a big breakthrough and a big benefit when you have a big problem. 

I once had a friend from Japan who said "Really big problems make me really happy...I KNOW a really big benefit is on the way!" I'll tell you, THAT'S the attitude to have, isn't it? 

I also chant to have an incredibly high life that no matter what happens I am focused, I say and do the right things, and I can generate the wisdom to make the right decisions. 

And I take the opportunity to really connect with the Gohonzon. Suffering can be the cause to deepen your prayer so that you get the results you want to get! Sometimes it is the best thing for your practice (and I do not mean to say that suffering is the way of the Buddhist. It is NOT. Happiness is the way of the Buddhist...and forging our lives through suffering is a means of strengthening our lives. But the goal is happiness!) 

And I sit in front of the Gohonzon and VOW to be happy...and VOW to show actual proof of the Gohonzon. I tell the Buddhist gods (the functions within my own life) that I MUST win. I am the votary of the Lotus Sutra. I HAVE to inspire my district, my friends and family and my beloved blog readers! That's how I am chanting right now. If you have challenges JOIN ME!!! You can have the same prayer. You are all votaries of the Lotus Sutra! Write me and share your stories with the other readers of this blog! Be strong and break through your karma as I am determined to break through mine!!! 


  1. The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

  2. Hi Jaime,

    I chant to be happy and find love in my life. There are days I want to give up and think love will never find me and it makes me very sad to see others find love and find their happiness and I feel like I am going no where. It's like I'm stuck in a dark cold room and there are days I see the light and there are days there is nothing. I want a husband and kids of my own;How do I chant for this? How do I chant so that I can find love? Is this my karma?
    I would like to break through this karma, please tell me how.

    kind regards,
    Your faithful reader

  3. I just want to see your posts are appreciated and this karma attack I'm sure happens to us all. Just because we do something new doesn't mean things won't still affect us. I discovered your blog recently and started chanting. However, after a few days I broke down in my chant and cried. It didnt feel good, just an outpouring of stuff, not sure if this is normal or too much thinking going on during the chant. Chanting usually leaves me more energized, but maybe this was a breakthrough? Not sure!

  4. i really luv sme1 but he is angry with me and dont want to b with me but i know he still luv ...i chant daily for this but still helpless..i just cnt live without him