Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You can change ANYTHING through chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

I have gotten many emails lately, and I have not been able to respond to every single one. The guidelines I give below are for everyone. These are my suggestions alone. I do not represent anyone or anything except my own experience. It works for me! 

If you've been chanting to change things in your life...if you've been chanting about relationships, your career etc...consider looking inward and chanting to change yourself. Changing your SELF - doing your human revolution is vital to your successfull practice. 

What is the process?

1. Own the problem...realize that whatever you want to change may LOOK like it is outside yourself...but it's roots are within your life. That means that you cannot complain or say "WHY ME?". Really you have to own it...not BLAME yourself for it...not feel guilty about it. It's okay to get a little angry and make a fierce and roaring declaration to change whatever you need to change.

2. Turn your prayer INWARD. Chant to change YOURSELF. Chant to have the courage to make the changes you need to make in order to generate the results you want to create in your life. Remember that all change starts from within. And your environment will change to reflect the inner changes you have made. 

A SuperPrayers to accomplish this could be:

"I am determined to make any changes I need in my thoughts, my actions, my chanting, to make continual positive causes that will result in rooting the cause of -____________(fill in the blank with your challenge here) my negative karma OUT OF MY LIFE!  I am determined to make the changes inside myself...to do my own human revolution and raise my life condition! I am determined to change in any way I need to change to attract the .......(you fill in the blank) into my life. Life! I am bringing the determination, wisdom and fire I need to create the life of my dreams. AM NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO! I AM ROARING LIKE A LION IN MY OWN LIFE! I WILL CREATE MY LIFE! I do this not only for me, but for everyone who is suffering. I will lead the way for fellow sufferers. I am determined to glow within my own life. I am determined to be a shining light for all who are suffering. I am determined to be the beacon of hope that ANYONE can solve their problems by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. I am ready to meet people who are ready to hear about this practice!  I chant to have the most inspiring life. Gohonzon (my life) I need to see these results now!"

I also advise: 

1. Chant one hour every single morning to the absolute best of your ability. And do evening Gongyo every day too. 

2. Encourage others who practice, and tell everyone about the power of this practice. I plant seeds everywhere I go by giving out Nam Myoho Renge Kyo cards. Planting seeds is a tremendous cause for your life, for their life and for our shared peace and happiness together, Kosen Rufu. Chant for others. 

3. Study President Ikeda's guidance and the Gosho with your life. Chant to understand his words with your life. Chant to understand the master and disciple relationship with your life. 

4. Go to SGI activities with joy in your heart and an aim to contribute as much as you can and make the most of every meeting. Your spirit while attending these meetings makes a difference. 

5. Every morning before you get up think of at least 10 things you appreciate about your life. My mother took my advice when she was feeling sad, and it changed her whole outlook she says. 

You can do this! You Buddha YOU!

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