Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Financial Determination by a reader to get out of Debt

Here's a note from a blog reader friend in England:

"Just a quick note to say thanks to your blog; I was chanting yesterday morning and had a realization, a fundamental shift in my attitude and wrote it down on my prayer; I determined to lose the FEAR of debt that has dominated my life for so long.  I was determined to work to pay them off and have made great progress there (action) but my attitude had stayed the same. I start thinking about one debt and all the others crown in to try and overwhelm me.    I am about halfway thru my million daimoku on this subject and finally 'got' it.   And today, I was reading a lecture by Sensei.  I substitute the word debt for sickness and it's like he's talking to me:  ...'there is no reason to allow yourself to be controlled by illness (debt), for it to fill your life with suffering and distress.  From the standpoint of eternal life through the three existences, your fundamentally happy self is incontrovertibly established.' 
 I vowed to feel financially secure.  My months goal is to pay my £4'622.06 tax bill in full and on time at the end of this month.
It's just such a remarkable start to the year.  I have one insight, raise my ichinen and have a stonking business day. No coincidence."

Awesome! We can all use this idea to overcome anything! 

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