Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chant for What YOU Want. Exactly what you want.

I get letters frequently from readers who are wondering why their prayer is not being answered as fast as they would like it to be, and asking me if they should switch to some other prayer. This is a great question. 

My answer is always the same. 
Chant for what you want. 
Chant for exactly what you want. 
Only YOU can have your desires. 
Write them down. 
Clarify them for yourself.

I am familiar with relationship problems, as many of you know. And the pain of wanting someone who does not want you runs deep. I know. I know. And beneath that prayer you have a deeper prayer. You have a prayer for the deepest fulfillment in love. It is FINE to chant specifically for one person to become yours. I did it for a long time. And my prayer was answered. It was answered long enough for me to see that even beyond that person I wanted more for my life...a complete union in happiness. And I've written every word of what that means for me. And I chant for it. I am totally at peace about the process, and the whole realm of dating is changing for me. There's just no suffering involved. Wow.

Underneath all our prayers there is the deeper prayer of how we want to feel and what we want to experience. Chanting works no matter what. Chant just for what you want. Just for what you want. What would really make you happy?

You deserve the best and most exquisite happiness in THIS lifetime. CHANT to be HAPPY! Chant to be fulfilled! Chant for your most radiant self to shine through.

And as President
Ikeda says, chant naturally what is in your heart. If you are hurt or troubled...chant naturally. There is no need for pretext in front of the Gohonzon. you are the Gohonzon and the Gohonzon is YOU.

Don't give up on your dreams!!! Keep chanting, going to meetings, doing shakubuku, studying and encouraging others...what a wonderful formula for complete success!


  1. Thank you for this reminder. It is true, we will not chant with conviction unless we chant for EXACTLY what we want. It is only then - as you say - we will get our prayers answered. And in surprising ways ..

    Thank you so much for your post :) I really needed to read this today.

  2. Thank you for posting this. This post will really help me with my Daimoku Tozo. Chant for exactly what YOU want. I am so glad I glad I came back to SGI!!

  3. So I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for a specific person to marry me because he makes me happy and it will happen?

  4. Great idea has appeared suddenly while surfing and seeking. I certainly will follow your guidance and chant 'nam myoho renge kyo'
    Thank you very much.

  5. I loved your post! Can I get in touch with you for more guidance please. I was recently introduced to Lotus Sutra and I had lots of questions on my mind. Your post has answered most of them but I need a little bit more help. Please let me know if you can help me. Thanks in advance.

  6. Thank you so much, i earnestly needed this guidance . Though chanting for last 12 years i was bit confused, running n number of questions in my heart and mind ... but clarified myself .