Monday, August 4, 2014

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

Thank you to Nalini Prakash who sends me daily guidance every day! 

IN the world of faith, 
having a sincere and faithful mind 
enable you 
to keep yourself in tune with the rhythm of the Mystic Law; then you will quickly receive benefit and your good fortune will increase.

IT is only natural 
that the energy you acquire 
through the practice of gongyo for yourself 
will be channeled back into your activities for others, 
for kosen-rufu. 
The fact is that the practice of gongyo 
and your actions in service of kosen-rufu 
will become one, 
and together they will unlock 
the infinite power of the Mystic Law for your life.

AN earnest struggle, 
just like a river crashing loudly over rocks, 
will inevitably encounter obstacles and devilish functions. 
If you keep pressing forward, 
not allowing yourself to be defeated in your struggle, 
you will surge forward with increased impetus 
and achieve great results – 
just as a river flows with increasing momentum 
each time it crashes against rocks, 
racing on with great vigor.

THE determination to accomplish kosen-rufu 
gives momentum to the determination 
to accomplish one’s human revolution. 
Human revolution is like a planet’s rotation on its axis, while kosen-rufu 
is like the planet’s revolution around the sun. 
Rotation and revolution are the foundation 
of all motion in the universe. 
It would run counter to the laws of the universe 
if a planet did not revolve around the sun.

PLEASE read the Gosho each day, 
even if only a single paragraph or sentence. 
Mr Josei Toda used to say, 
“When you are tired, 
that is when you should study the Gosho.” 
The Gosho blazes 
with the brilliant life of Nichiren Daishonin. 
When we expose ourselves to the Gosho, 
our life changes 
and wisdom, courage and confidence well forth.

Hi everyone, I'm a bit behind on answering emails - I will do my best to catch up soon! 

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