Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3 Buddhist Victories in Finding Lost or Stolen Items - A Job for Daimoku!

Chanting to find lost items - or stolen items can work. 
Here are a few success stories. 

Years ago in San Francisco my backpack was stolen out of my car. I didn't care about the backpack but I DID care about my walkman (that shows how long ago it was!) I chanted to get that Walkman back. It was my constant musical companion and had a really cool equalizer on it. I'd listen while I was walking the 2 miles to work every day. I just yelled at those shoten zenjin in my prayer! "Bring my walkman back to me!" I just chanted on faith alone. That's all. 
The next day when I went into work the walkman was sitting in the breakroom just waiting for me. It didn't make any sense at all, none at all, but I chanted in deep appreciation. 

A few years ago one of my district members was introducing a friend to this Buddhism and the friend's wallet was lost. We all chanted for the wallet to be found, intact, and after a few days it was returned completely to him. Her certainty made us all certain. She KNEW Daimoku could return his wallet to him. 

Right after that, my son Aaron lost his entire backpack. He had put it in a locked locker at the Armory (gym) at the University of Illinois and when he returned for it, it was gone. He was so upset. That day he had carried EVERYTHING - his laptop, wallet, phone...you name it, all his valuable items. He felt it was stolen and that recovery was impossible. 

I told him about the walkman incident and the recent wallet incident and we all just chanted "Some kind of way! He will get his backpack back!" We kept chanting and he left his name with he attendants, and took every action he could think of to find it. Nothing happened for a few days and then I got a call from the Armory.(He had given them my number because his phone was lost). They found the backpack in another locker...totally complete...nothing missing. It made no sense but we didn't care! We didn't have to figure it out- we just chanted in appreciation. 

My friend Morag in the UK just emailed me that her family's van with all of their sporting equipment AND her children's passports has been stolen. I encouraged her to tell those shoten zenjin that this is unacceptable and she HAS to get that van back. Please join me in chanting to get Morag's van back! 

Do you have similar stories to share? 

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  1. What delightful experiences Jamie ! Takes me back to a time when my domestic help stole my most precious earings, a gift from my husband on my sons birth. How i chanted and the buddha nature arose in the person to return. While these are tangible recoveries, today im going to chant also for my "lost" fitness levels. The great power of daimoku helps us find our happiest selves.

  2. wa...so coincidence...i just lost my iphone, now i'.m reading this page on finding back the lost item by having deep faith in the daimoku. Now, i'm in this situation, need to find back my iphone.