Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gurpreet's Experience!

(Note to readers: this is an experience from an SGI member and reader of this blog. Nichiren Buddhism has no dress code. People dress however they wish.) 

Hello everyone, I am Gurpreet practicing this philosophy for almost 5 years.
I lost my mother when I was 5, my father was left with a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter living in a joint family. 
At early stages, I missed my mother badly and my life was seeking love and attention from every corner. Gradually I was turning indisciplined, neglecting studies and getting myself into bad company. 
After some time my father got remarried. The inclusion of my step-mother was a bliss to us, but due to the negative influences I created an evil image of my step-mother in my mind. 
Relation was never smooth b/w me and my mother and at times there was intense discord between my parents due to me. Things were so distorted between us that we couldn’t imagine us being together for more than 15 mins . Ultimately my mother started giving up on me and we didn’t speak to each other for many months . I always thought of abandoning her when I get settled in my career and life, I longed for peace and felt emptiness or void in my life.
Between all this my mother gave birth to a daughter and we shifted to a new separate house. But at new place also there seemed no imminent end to our heated arguments.
In 2010 when I was struggling in my career, I got introduced to this practice, I had resigned from my job was jobless. Within a month I started chanting for almost 1.5 hours a day,   members embraced me with  warmth and guided me to chant to find the right job. 
One day while chanting rigorously I was struck by a thought and was in tears. The thought was, I will never succeed in my career till I don’t start respecting my mother, suddenly her entire struggles for raising us were flashed in my brain. I couldn’t control myself and called up a senior leader to meet. The leader  told me that this is called confronting your true self and from here on your relationship with your mother will be fixed.
Transformation at the heart was done, my heart desired to sit with my mother and talk to her, I insisted her to have dinner together daily. 
As our mentor says , “It is the heart that is important”.
Friends now  ~ whenever I think of my mother my heart is filled with unconditional love for her. Lately during her retirement function I was asked to speak a few words on the dice, there I happily declared that my entire being, every achievement is only because she took care of my well being by staking her needs. There is a lot of peace and composure at our home and we are enjoying our lives and comfort immensely with each other. Here I am not trying to communicate that we never enter into a debate now, we do, but I am the first one to withdraw myself without giving a feeling of disrespect . 
 Recently I received a compliment from my step-sister , she said that Gurpreet my brother is my best friend with whom I can open up. Dear all,I am proud to share that she is an active Gakkai member from last 6 months and is doing well.  
I will quote a Gosho line here, "Misfortune comes from one’s mouth and ruins one, but fortune comes from one’s heart and makes one worthy of respect.”  
In my family my parents and siblings feel comfort, joy and excitement whenever they are with me.
As the things were getting fixed at home I received another benefit when mystically I got a job in the profile of my choice, where I got the opportunity to work hard and nurture myself.
I would like to report one victory at the job front too. There was a time when my company started posting losses and we saw many manpower layoff initiatives, also we were imposed monthly salary deductions. I sought guidance and asked the senior leader when I am performing well at work , supporting members and chanting abundant daimoku then why am I facing such a situation? During the  guidance I understood that I am a part of an organization, society, etc hence I can’t grow in isolation, I need to chant for my company to grow substantially. 
I also read a Gosho line that became power source for me: “Misfortune will change into fortune, muster your faith and pray to this Gohonzon then what is there that cannot be achieved”
I chanted with all my might and the situation transformed. My company’s share value which dropped down to Rs 12 from Rs.48 in 10 months in now stable at Rs.70 which is the highest in 3 years. We had bagged many overseas orders, our market share and margins have improved in domestic market and we posted a profit .
All these benefits are due to chanting abundant daimoku and efforts to take care of members and help them realize absolute happiness. Daimoku is working in all aspects of my life and now after 5 years of vigorous training I started feeling joy while chanting daimoku and doing gakkai activities. 
Dear friends this is my last meeting with fellow members here and I deeply grateful to everybody for their kind support and giving me direction. 
In the end I will like to share a determination – I determine to make continuous efforts to become more responsible human being and a valuable asset for society. I also determine to fulfill my parents desire as they want me to get married soon, which is my desire too.

 Thanks and I Wish u all of lot of good fortune.

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