Saturday, May 16, 2015

4 Ways to Change Ourselves -

As you know, this blog represents my own ichinen (will and desire put into action) to share this practice and encourage you. It does not represent the SGI, although I am an enthusiastic member. 

Being a Buddhist means taking full responsibility for our lives, the good and the bad...responsibility, not blame. When we take responsibility we can change. When we change, our environment changes. As simple as it sounds, it can be incredibly difficult to change! 

When we change, 
our entire environment changes. 
Our change of heart 
is the key to happiness.

Here are some ideas for all of us:

3 Ways We Can Change Ourselves

1. Have a Problem you MUST change. Be motivated. Give yourself the gift of having passion for your own life and your own outcomes. 

2. If at all possible, go for guidance from a senior leader. Chant before the guidance to be able to absorb the guidance with your life. Chant afterward to understand and follow it. Also -  let Daisaku Ikeda guide you.  I read his guidances every day, and often feel as if he is speaking directly to me.  

3. Don't give up. I know ~ We hear this all the time. And it is true. The only way out is by going through it, and not turning back. 

4. Chant in appreciation. If you don't have appreciation - chant to have it! 

Even though It's not always easy to see our lives ~ 
Awareness leads to change.  

And we need to keep going. Sometimes we are in the middle of the lake, and the only answer is to keep swimming. (Chanting!)


  1. Exactly what i needed. Thank you jamie.

  2. Thank you for such inspiring and thought provoking posts. Ben and you are always in my prayers.

  3. Thank you for your kind information