Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chanting and Crying

Last night I dreamed I was watching my Mom cook and hearing the words to "For Baby" by John Denver...and I was crying in my dream. "And the wind will whisper your name to me, little birds will sing along in time...and leaves will bow down when YOU walk by...and morning bells will shine. I'll be there when you're feeling down to kiss away the tears if you cry..I'll share with you all the happiness I've found, a reflection of the love in your eyes" I wake up longing for her often...

The trip:
And this morning I have already chanted an hour of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and before I knew it I was crying. I cried on and off through the whole hour. This trip seems a metaphor for my whole life I am, heading off alone...into the great unknown. Just like in my life. I have to be resourceful! I have to keep plugged in completely to the power of the universe. I have to enjoy my OWN company and love myself!
I'll have to come up with some innovative ways to take care of pack in smaller bags once I get there because my suitcase will probably be too heavy. I chanted for all the life force of the universe to well up within my life and protect me...for the flights to be on time...for the car rental people to know I'm coming...and I may just go out and buy a baby computer for the trip. The idea of not being connected whenever I want just leaves me dumbfounded. And I can't buy an iphone until the fall when hopefully Sprint and iphone are compatible. You can be sure I'll be posting! Bon Voyage on this rainy day. Maybe Chicago is sorry to see me leaving!

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