Friday, March 12, 2010

Returning to my Buddhist Roots Here

It was so exciting waking up today because my first stop was the San Francisco SGI Culture Center.I feel like I was born there! When I first began chanting in 1985 the Culture Center was in Daly City on the "Edge of the World"...literally on a cliff overlooking the Pacific. I would ride there on my little Riva 180 scooter with my big helmet thinking "because this is so hard and dangerous to get to~ I am REALLY changing my karma!" and I was!
I chanted so hard to have a culture center in the City...closer...central. I chanted SOOOOO hard that when we finally got our beautiful culture center it was a block from the Bay Guardian Newspaper where I worked. I opened that center as a Youth Division an usher with an element of faith added in. We would help members with seating and other things and chant for the success of every meeting...for all the members to get benefit...
Returning to chant today was so wonderful! So many is where Juana stopped and asked me how I was doing...and I felt how deeply she cared about is where I chanted for Daisaku Ikeda...and he came to San is where I chanted every day at lunch for an hour with wonderful Japanese friends.
Today, I chanted to blow my world wide open with possibilty for my one precious life. Here I am in one of the most creative cities in the world. What will I create next in this precious, precious big can I dream? As one of my Buddhist mentors says: "You're a Buddhist...DREAM BIG!"

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