Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great gongyo training!

Tonight's meeting was so energetic! Our District members are really breaking though. We had a great turn out for gongyo training.
Gongyo is the recitation of part of the lotus sutra. Buddhist do this every morning and evening.

It can be quite difficult to learn. It is a Japanese Transliteration of Sanskrit. As we speak the words we are speaking the words of the Buddha - because we are Buddhas! When we do it correctly we are in rhythm with every other Buddhist on the planet! Wonderful!

In gongyo training we used echo gongyo - I recited a line, the group echoed it, then at the end of each section we recited the whole section with the best unison we've ever had! It was so great! The energy was incredible.

This is 2010 - the year for each person to have a major victory in their life! We are all experiencing struggle, and victory!

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