Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Gohonzon Conferral!

Man, I am just on a roll. I feel totally unstoppable. I have been chanting to appreciate every moment of my life and I really feel it everywhere.
My Buddhist meetings are really going through the roof.

Last week I decided to teach echo gongyo...and this week I did the same. It is truly the easiest way for people to learn how to recite the Lotus Sutra. Everyone loves it because it becomes so music.

I have been chanting for the people who are really ready to learn about this practice to come to me. Today I had a really strong feeling that the guest who was coming to our meeting was ready to start practicing and she was! She got her Gohonzon (scroll) tonight and tomorrow we will go enshrine it for her! Yaaay! I have another chance to help someone pull the power of the universe through their own life! I can't wait to watch her win over her challenges and become truly happy.

My life is such a joy.

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