Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Chicago is showing amazing unity! We are all chanting for the success of the most historic gatherings of Buddhist youth in decades! Last Sunday 500 more youth signed up to come to our event this month!
There will be an event in Long Beach California, another in Philadelphia and our own here in Chicago.

On July 10th we will fill the UIC Pavillion with shining faces and performances. This is the opportunity for the youth of the SGI to gather from 12 states around for performances to ROCK THE ERA! The point of the gathering is for each of the youth to deepen their faith, have great breakthroughs in their lives and accept the baton of creating world peace from Daisaku Ikeda. This is an important year for the planet...I can feel it...we all can feel is a turning point. This is a moment we will never forget.

I'm so excited that my incredible boys and several of their closest friends will attend Rock the Era.

This week I have been able to chant three hours a day towards the success of this event. I am chanting to focus my mind and my prayer like a laser...for every single youth who wants to attend to be able to make it...for the safety of all involved...and for every single one of us to get to a new level of faith and experience huge breakthroughs in all of our lives!

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