Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Guidance!

How could I NOT be experiencing such great obstacles? The obstacles themselves are the way that I will achieve all my dreams.
That's how it works according to the laws of life.

I made a great determination almost a year ago when I began this blog...I decided to chant two hours a day and accomplish all the karma changes that I had not yet achieved during my 25 years of practice.

A determination like that HAS to draw the challenges out of my life so I can prove the power of the law...and eradicate (root out!) the karmic tendencies that have me stuck in the areas I wish to get un-stuck!

So every time I feel sorry for myself I can change those thoughts (from ones of "why me" to ones of appreciation)...and know that my victory is assured, and KNOW that in THAT MOMENT I am changing my karma forever! I am making every possible cause for my happiness and the happiness of others...the district (Buddhist group) that meets at my house is flourishing...I am still chanting 2 hours a day...I am introducing people to this practice...my sons are chanting...and I am even chanting for the happiness and fulfillment of those it is hardest for me to summon compassion for...

With all these great causes...my life has to reach up and say NO WAY and say PROVE IT!

I remember one of my wise Japanese mentors said "when I get the biggest obstacles I am the MOST appreciative because I know the BIGGEST benefit and breakthrough is on its way to me!"

OK! Here I am back to the appreciative state of mind.

I WILL find a great job! I WILL be healthy! I WILL have love overflowing! I WILL be a speaker for Kosen Rufu! I WILL make a huge contribution to the happiness of others! I WILL live an inspiring life!

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