Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Winning Life! Benefits Everywhere!

Benjamin Silver with his 8th Place Medal

Ben is such an example of the pure Buddhist 
Never Give Up spirit!
Today he placed 8th in Illinois' State Track Meet...after being injured all season and fighting back to run two races to qualify for state...then rocking the competition. 
Ben runs the 3200 meter (2 mile) race. 
He qualified to run in the slower heat (slower race) of the state meet. Here's how it works: he runs as fast as he can...and if his time is faster than the time of anyone in the top nine of the faster heat...then he gets a medal. 
Watching his heat was amazing...we had about 100 of us in the stands screaming "SILVER SILVER SILVER" for him. He could hear us all...we were going crazy! Suddenly he broke away from the pack and came in first with no one even close behind can only imagine how thrilling that was!
Then we had to wait until the next heat...about an hour later...and see if his time beat any of the top nine from that heat. 
It did! 
He came in 8th in the state. 
This has been a great few months for Ben. He's graduating. He has a girlfriend. He got a scholarship to college. He chants with me as often as he can...and on Wednesday night, in preparation for my moving out, and for him going away to college~ he received his Omomori Gohonzon. It's a smaller version of the Gohonzon I chant to...a portable one...perfect for a dorm room. Aaron, his brother has one too. 
Ben made a powerful cause by accepting the Gohonzon this week!
And he triumphed! 
Go Ben!
Go YOU!!! Achieve YOUR dreams and become incredibly happy! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

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  1. Ben's concentration and diligence are an inspiration for everyone.....