Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Ben

Ben Silver
OK it's time to put the pedal to the metal again and chant really hard for my very own Benjamino. 

He's such a great and determined warrior of a kid. 

He's 18 and finishing off his senior year of High School. He's a runner, who is passionate about running, one of the top ten in the state of Illinois (which is the top running state in the nation). 

Right now he can't run. He has a hip that is so painful that he can barely walk...and it comes from training too hard...pushing himself too comes from being so determined. And it's frustrating and sad for him to not be able to run this track season. He's also got a sinus infection so he is just feeling so down. 
He chants a fair amount, but I think he has yet to really prove the power of this Gohonzon with his life. Of course I can't push him to chant.
 But I can chant with the determination that my prayer will absolutely penetrate his sadness...that there will be medicine springing from this practice...and that MY Daimoku is enough for both of us. 
It is interesting that this comes about just as Mother's Day approaches. Really interesting. I will pour so much prayer into him, and chant really strongly. I know we can somehow turn this around. There is nothing more important in a mother's life then for her children to be happy. 
Please join me in my prayer for my Ben...and thank you soooo much!

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