Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On Attaining Buddhahood - HOW TO REALLY CHANGE YOUR KARMA!!!

On Saturday night at the Chicago Buddhist Center, Linda Johnson gave an amazing lecture on the Gosho "On Attaining Buddhahood." 

It is a gosho I have studied many times, and I've read and reread the book written by Daisaku Ikeda, and Linda, in her brilliance, has truly inspired a change in the focus of my prayer. That's the reason we study Buddhism by the way...because the more we study, the better we are able to understand and operate the gears of our Buddhahood ~~ and that equals more results and more happiness. Yayyy!

The crux of Linda's talk is that everything we experience, see, feel, hear...every person we interact with, every car we drive, every boss or coworker we have is a direct REFLECTION of the causes we have made and are continuing to make at each moment...a direct reflection of our life itself. We look to the outer world...our husbands, our children our coworkers etc. to get them to change...when if we really focus our prayer on our OWN SELVES...that is the way to operate those gears and affect real and lasting change in our circumstances. 

Linda said if we grumble and complain about our lives and think our sadness is someone else's fault...then we will NEVER be able to make lasting change. We must chant to change whatever it is WITHIN OURSELVES that keeps attracting the thing we don't like. We need to chant to change the karma to attract what we don't like, and to be able to see the causal interaction within our own lives. 

I realized during her talk that I am currently making causes to manifest WHAT I DON'T WANT...because I couldn't quite see it clearly...but my eyes are now opened. I will explain:

For instance, I am right now working on changing my karma as it regards to love. Many of you know this, many of you have communicated to me that you are chanting for love as well. My pattern (karma) has always been that I am not loved enough. In grade school I had few friends and experienced being very unpopular. In High School I was shunned by college the same. Deep insecurity and unworthiness took root within my life. I have always known this. This isn't a new realization. The NEW realization is THIS. I recently met a man who is intriguing, worthy and seems to like me. And I can hear my "evil twin" inside me talking me out of it all the time. "Oh, he'll just disappear like all the others...oh this is just a dream to go poof in the end...oh, I know I will blow it like I always do." Oh STOP IT EVIL TWIN!!!!

I am getting that voice out of my head by chanting to PRAISE MY LIFE WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING! I am chanting to realize in a way that I've never realized before that I AM DESERVING of love. I am chanting to rid my life of doubt. And when I chant like this...I connect to the Gohonzon with incredible power...and I KNOW I will change this karma. I KNOW I will be able to accept love in my life in a different way...the way I have been chanting for. I don't have to chant for a man to love me. I have to chant to be in love with myself in a way that is a way that goes deeper than outside a way that inspires others that they can do the same. 

And YOU can do the same thing! That's why I write this blog. 
When we chant this way EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Go YOU!


  1. Immensely touching and true. You go right to the core. And I'm coming in after you!

  2. Immensely touching and true. You go right to the core; and I'm comin' in after you!

  3. Jamie,
    after just a few days of chanting solely to realize that I am worthy of love and to actually experience myself receiving all the love that the entire universe has just been waiting to give me, I have had astonishing breakthroughs. I am healing on a physical level I had
    not even imagined possible.
    I no longer need icepacks all over my body to manage inflammation. It's been days since I had to ice anything. And that includes the hours of Daimoku I am chanting per day to rid my life of any doubt of my worth... without any physical pain. Thank you for always leading by your example. You are one of the most courageous and generous people I know; you are a Buddha.