Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Rising Tide Raises all Boats!

It's a great metaphor, isn't it? 

That's what Kosen Rufu is, that's what building fortune in your life really is~ all of us on the water...all of us rising vibtrationally towards a happier and happier and more and more fortunate life TOGETHER! 

What is the true meaning of "Fortune".? It's the circumstances you create in your life that MONEY CAN'T BUY~! Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-money, no. But fortune rises beyond money. It comes from consistently making good causes at every your thoughts, in your actions...and in chanting consistent Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

Check this out:

Last night my son Ben, (the one in the prom picture of a few posts back) ~ last night was the qualifying race for the state track meet. It's a big deal. His first race was last week because he's had an injury all season, and been working out like a fiend to keep his heart rate up, even when he couldn't run! Well, last night he ran the two mile in his best time ever, and next Saturday he will be in the state track meet. This is something he has been working towards for the last four years...and he has accomplished the goal! GETTING to state is HUGE!!! Of course it will be great if he medals, and he possibly can, but getting there is very important for him. In the fall he starts his freshman year at Miami of Ohio on a running scholarship! 

This is fortune. YES. 

He has chanted for it, and worked towards it for his whole running career. 

What else is fortune? The fact that I told myself I wanted to stay living together as a family until Ben graduated from High School, and I am officially moving into my own apartment the day after he graduates. It's a really cool place with a pool and a hot tub and clubhouse. I'm excited, thrilled and of course...a little first time living on my own! The rental market is red hot in this area...the housing market is in free fall and people don't want to buy. And I found exactly what I want, where I want it! That's fortune. Chanting Nam Myoho REnge Kyo affects your environment (ie finding the perfect apartment...having happy kids...) because we are CONNECTED to our environment...NOT separate. Every cause we make, every Nam Myoho Renge Kyo we chant makes a difference...creating FORTUNE in out lives! 

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  1. you encouraged me to chant again! i've slackened abit lately because of work (got a new job and what i chanted for) and studies.. now i have to be back on 'chanting mode' again before the 'demons and obstacles' come interfering my practice and sending me back to hell. I can already feel my life state falling a little.. thanks!