Thursday, June 30, 2011

Human Revolution! Bring it on!

Hello! Here I am living in paradise! I am in such a state of bliss and relief in my clean, gorgeous, newly renovated apartment....sitting on my patio, looking out over the pond and birds and trees and sky...thinking of where I lived before was a cool house with lots of wood....but the trees were so close and so big that you couldn't really see the sky, or the sun. Now I have both...and wall to wall carpeting. I lived with cold hardwood for so many years. Not for me. Give me soft, light, warm carpet!!!

Only guess what? I still have more human revolution to do! I still have karma! I still have emotions. Sheesh! But I have really changed the depth of my suffering, I will tell you that. I am generally happy all the time! I have done so much human revolution!

And I am determined to keep going. Some small things have come up...some old issues from my childhood, and some old fears. And you know what? I'm going to sit here in front of my Gohonzon and chant from the bottom of my heart to make the internal change necessary to ensure my COMPLETE and TOTAL victory and happiness! I have such a mission! I must be able to create my life as the Buddha of absolute freedom....with the ability to do all I wish without fear stopping me. 

That is the only way to make real and lasting karmic change. 

And I am chanting for all of you!

Whatever you are facing ~ remember to STUDY, CHANT, GO TO MEETINGS and CHANT FOR OTHERS TOO!!!! Then you will have all you desire! Go YOU!

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