Monday, July 4, 2011

Fireworks in Paradise

Let me again assure you that anything is possible. If I can sit here today writing you from my patio, at 11:00 at night, feeling totally safe and secure and happy....then there is NOTHING in your life you can't change.

This weekend was a full fourth of july weekend. I got to see my boys here at Versailles swimming...I went to a lovely art fair with a dear friend...I read a book...I chanted...I had my soon to be ex-husband over to swim...and all of us - the whole family...went to watch the fireworks together.

A HAPPY DIVORCE IS POSSIBLE. Not that I am trying to sell you or anyone else on the idea of divorce. no...I believe in HAPPINESS. I know that happiness is possible. I sit here in testament tp happiness.

All those years...I knew it wasn't the right time to split up the family...but I made the bold move to suggest my husband and I live as room mates (a year and a half ago) as we dated other people and prepared to split our lives. Meanwhile every day I could wake up with my son there to drive him home from there to remind him of certain things and feed him good food as often as I could...
And in that time I found this lovely place...I found a new job...I had my hip surgery. And now I look at my life and all I can do is chant with appreciation for how lovely it is!
My lifelong friend Eddie came by my apartment yesterday with a cool money tree plant...and he totally rearranged my bedroom so that it is cozy, sexy...and I can fit the chaise lounge I left behind in it.

I chant every morning and evening and want to shout from the rooftops....My VOW has come true. I have health, happiness...and a divorce that inspires everyone!!! My kids are happy...everyone is happy! I knew it could happen if I set my sights to is and chanted about it. I never listened to what anyone said about how it can't happen (and I don't keep those kinds of naysayers around me anyway) My friends are positive people who believe anything is possible...just like YOU my friends. Don't give up. Did deep in your prayer just like I did. Chant to change in anyway possible to make your dreams come true. I DID. And I am SOOOOO happy! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!!!

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