Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About a Broken Heart

Dear readers, 
I received a comment from a woman with a broken heart. She's been chanting for five months and the man that she was in love with left her and has gone away. I wish to address her here:
Dear Broken Hearted, 
Please do not give up. I can truly understand. The reason I began this blog almost two years ago was my broken heart. I was longing for a man who went away. Every morning I would wake up with his face in my mind...and I felt a constant physical ache in my belly....constant...real pain. It was hard to breathe sometimes. I felt like I was living in a nightmare of hell. 
Because of the suffering I went through then...and my fierce determination to change my life from the INSIDE so that I would never ever experience this intense pain again...this blog was born, and so was my incredibly beautiful life that I have now. 
The broken heart spurred me to chant 2 hours a day and sit in front of the Gohonzon chanting from the bottom of my soul to CHANGE MY KARMA CHANGE WHATEVER WAS IN MY LIFE THAT ATTRACTED THIS HEARTACHE....AND to LOVE MYSELF SO MUCH....that this kind of pain would go away forever. 
Of course I spent a lot of time chanting to get him back too...because I believe that chanting sincerely for what you really want is the fuel that fires all your results in life. So I chanted to have him back...and gradually, over time, found other prayers that became more important to me. 
I embraced my district and chanted for each person every day. I chanted to change the heartache in my life for the sake of every woman who ever suffered in this way. 
I really know how you feel. 
If you can sit in front of your Gohonzon and chant resonant NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO for exactly what you will win. Don't worry if your desire is "correct"...ALL your desires are correct. They are yours. Chant from the bottom of your heart. USE THIS PAIN TO FUEL YOUR BEAUTIFUL FUTURE!
Here I am two years later, almost out of a marriage that was long over...I have my own sweet, beautiful little apartment in a gorgeous area with a pond, a pool and a health club. I have a miraculous new job where I am able to really have an impact on the lives of young people. I have so many friends, and even a new boyfriend who loves to make me happy, not sad. And my happiness doesn't depend on him or anything else. My focus is on doing my own human revolution, knowing that any real change happens within my life and is reflected on the outside in everything and everyone. 
That is the real key in life. Follow President Ikeda's Guidance. Chant for those you love...and those you don't love...and you WILL free yourself  from this pain. 
I promise. 


  1. Thanks Jamie, Thanks so much for your guidance and support. I will chant dear, I will surely chant. Though, I dont have a Gohonzon, yet I chant as much as I can to bring back the love of my life.

    Somewhere deep inside my heart, I feel that he loves me and will come back to me.
    Please pray for me that he should return as soon as possible and this time with a firm conviction of commitment, and in the process attain my own human revolution too. I really love him so much and feel unable to be happy without him.

    Last but not the least, I really congratulate you on the great job that are you doing through this blog. You are enabling lots of people to share their problems and experiences without being revealing their identity. Today, I am sharing my problems.. May that day soon come when I share my experiences and victory with you.
    — Sandra

  2. Dear Anomymous,
    I am in a situation now where the man I love so dearly inspite of his many character flaws broke up with me and asked me to move out of our apartment. He had been feeling very dissatisfied with his job and life in general and as a result he started to nitpick on my weaknesses and not seeing the many good things I have contributed to our relationship. I have come to love him very deeply (he was the one who introduced me to the practice 2 years ago) and I feel that he should have valued our relationship and not just throw it away and walk away from it. I have been chanting very strongly and sincerely over the past weeks so that his fundamental darkness would lift away and would realize that we had a great relationship, but just like any relationship, it needs to be nurtured and taken cared of.I chant very sincerely to the Gohonzon that he would wake up and realize that I am worthy of his love and he would welcome be back into his life. I have been chanting for absolute trust and deeper faith that my beloved man and I would be reunited for a brighter and happier future together working for kosenrufu..May that day come real soon and that this obstacle is just temporary and my faith would make that deep desire of my heart a reality.