Saturday, June 25, 2011

My New View! Look! Actual Proof Right Here!

Here is the view from my new apartment's PATIO! Yes, you heard me correctly ~ PATIO!!!
I have been longing for a patio for so long! Here is the pond I look out on~it has a family or two of ducks, a visiting egret, fish, and at least one huge frog that greeted me one evening when I was walking in! And my apartment is so clean and so's just perfect for me. And the best part of life is no longer on HOLD. I knew that I was going to transition to a new life....and here it IS!!!
Every day I am chanting in appreciation and living in an Apartment Community called (Get this~) Versailles. 
I have successfully made the move from a marriage that was unhappy to a life that is bringing happiness to the whole family. My boys are happy and love their new resort with a pool, hot tub and work out room, and Paul, my soon-to-be ex-husband is also happy. The boys are here a lot, and Paul's been over a few times to hang at the pool or have dinner here. How is it possible to be happily making this change?
 It all comes from Daimoku, Daimoku, Daimoku, and taking continual action for Kosen Rufu and for my own happiness. 
I chanted to make the type of internal change that would cause a change on the outside. All real change comes from within. I know it's a cliche, but it is also true. We are microcosms of the universe...and have access to all the power within our own life (i.e. the life of the UNIVERSE!)
I was terrified of living on my own...but here I am...just fine! And soooo happy. Will I be here forever? Who knows, who cares...this is such a nice new step! 
Believe in your right to be happy. Believe in your bright and creative life. KNOW that the universe is yours to command...chant with conviction and appreciation and LOVE YOUR LIFE!!! I Love YOU!

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