Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dearest Friends and Brothers

Here are my boys Aaron and Ben. This is a golden moment in a wonderful time. Aaron is completing applications for Med School, and Ben is about to enter his first year at Miami of Ohio on a scholarship for running. Aaron and Ben are closer than any brothers I have ever seen. 

When they were little Buddha boys, and even before they were born, I made the determination that there would be no fighting in my house EVER. And I have a vivid memory of a time just after we moved from San Francisco to Chicago in 1999. Ben was 5, Aaron was 8. And I heard a scuffle in the other room. It wasn't severe by most people's standards but it was enough for me to put my Buddha foot down! 
I called them both in front of the Gohonzon and said we are going to chant for 5 minutes. We will chant to love our brother and never fight again. "Okay Mommy" they said and we all chanted together. 
They never fought again. 
Such is the power of the mystic law. 
It is that deep. 
They are incredibly close. 
I had one other rule. "Stop Means Stop." When someone is doing something the other doesn't like...they only have to say stop one time. This actually worked. Seriously. 
And I have heard other mothers say wistfully "If only I had a moment during the day when my boys weren't fighting." and I have seen little boys hurt each other on purpose while in stores or on the street with their mother....and the mother lets it happen because she doesn't think she can stop it. And my heart swells with appreciation for this practice. 
How wonderful to have a practice that solves real life problems!!!!
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!! 

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