Monday, July 11, 2011

What do you think about when you chant?

I received this question this morning - it's a very important question. 

What do I think about when I chant? 

The answer is this:

FOCUS on your desires...your desires FUEL your strongest prayer. All of your desires are good...all are worthwhile. Chant for yourself...chant for others!
I also have a few suggestions for what to chant for as well:

Chant to do your HUMAN REVOLUTION! 

Chant to raise your life condition! 

I have been chanting this way a lot lately. I know that if my life condition is high....well, do to the interconnectivity of all life (we call this esho funi), then all will be well. 
When I do my human revolution I make the change necessary for ALL THE CHANGES I WANT TO SEE IN MY LIFE. We all know that change starts from within. When you chant you use the exact tool you need to make the inner change! 

Isn't that exciting? 

You hold the keys to your own happiness! 

And REMEMBER - chant when you are happy too. Continual chanting every single day is how to build your fortune. Daisaku Ikeda says it's like putting one piece of paper on your desk every day. At first it might not seem like much...but over the years you accumulate so much benefit - all you can do is smile and be happy! Everything just comes out beautifully and you trust the power within your own life like never before!!!

Just like Me!!!


  1. thank you, jamie. but i read somewhere that when you are chanting, don't seem to be desperate as in ordering/begging to achieve what you need. what are your thoughts?
    also, my friend who introduced me to chanting chants under her breath and not loud. does this effect the outcome?

  2. also, how is chapter 2 and chapter 16 sutra different from chanting just the lotus sutra?

    i m fairly new and curious, so i hope you will forgive me if i am asking too many questions. you seem to be just the person to ask.