Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Great Financial Benefit Experience


As many of you know, May is the SGI month of financial contribution. It is the opportunity for each of us to make a deep impact on our own financial karma, and set our lives on solid financial footing. 

The idea of using donation to assure financial stability is not a new one created by the SGI. No. Way before I joined the SGI I became aware of the financial principle of dedicating a certain portion of income to the good of all. Some beliefs suggest 10% of all earnings be donated. The SGI does not make such an assertion. Instead, decisions about how much to donate are made by each of us, from our hearts. 

There is no suggested amount, and no dues. We are encouraged to donate as much or as little as we want....with the knowledge that each donation is a CAUSE for our lives.

My first donation was $20 for the building of the Center in Santa Monica in the 80's. I will never forget making that donation. $20 was a lot of money to me at the time. And I donated happily, with a full heart, for all the benefits I had received in the early days of my practice in San Francisco. 

This year when I made my determinations at the beginning of the year I said "This is the YEAR of Stability for me. I will build the four legs of a table under my life in honor of 2014. I will be financially secure, and secure in all other ways too." 

For several reasons this has been a year of getting back on track. I took a year off to write the book (which I am still in the process of creating for you - I have decided to change the word PowerPrayers to Fresh Determinations - what do you think of that?) and returned to the work force in health Care in January at a much lower pay rate than I have earned in the past. And I'm supporting myself now ~ in the process of creating a new future for myself while completing the divorce from my husband of many years. Because of my practice, we remain good friends and united parents to our two boys. 

And here's the financial benefit: 

On Friday morning of last week I woke up with a feeling of discouragement in my heart over my career and financial situation. As I was chanting I told the Gohonzon "I am so discouraged Gohonzon, what do I need to do to bring forth my full power as a Buddha so I can show actual proof at every moment and encourage people with my heart, my actions and my actual proof?" At that moment I decided to take out my computer and make a donation to the SGI to show my resolve to change my karma. I picked an amount I could live with, that didn't scare me too much, and noticed that I could also pay with PayPal. How exciting. I emptied my two PayPal accounts of everything but a few pennies. I felt great! 

As I continued to chant I felt such confidence welling up in my spirit. I felt strength and hope and clear direction. I realized that a job had just opened up in my company that I was completely qualified for, the doubt of my capabilities just evaporated, and I made some notes as I was chanting. 

It was a powerful day! I uncovered a unique opportunity for business and communicated some of my ideas to the executives. I began a process towards giving myself the career I have earned, and am capable of.  

The next day I had a meeting regarding the divorce and found out that the financial settlement awarded to me was going to be much more than originally planned. I breathed a sigh of relief. I am determined to live a life without fear of ANYTHING, including finances. I am determined to live a life without fear. My benefit was immediate.

It is not important what AMOUNT you choose to donate in the May campaign. I have not yet reached my goal, but I will continue to contribute in full appreciation for this practice in my life. 

I will donate more before the campaign ends, then set up a sustainable contribution where a portion of my income is automatically donated every single month. I did that years ago, and earned more money than I've ever earned since. 

Have a great day!


  1. Thats great Jamie . I myself have experienced tremendous growth after the contributions . Noone asked me to donate any particular amount . Just said as much as you are comfortable with . I donated probably 2000 times more thinking 3 dresses or 7 outings cost that much and to show to my higher life how strongly I believe in my practice . I am in family business and didnt have the courage to tell my parent's but I had my justifications ready if questioned . Its been 4 years and I try to do as much every year .Our business has grown tremendously ( tripled already n this year looks very promising ) .
    Last to last year , right after the contribution and after receiving my gphonzon , my father fell really ill amd was hospitalized for almost a month . All the saved money went into his bills . Thankfully , I didnt doubt the gphonzon or leave the practice . The effect - He recovered beautifully and we got the exact same amount (our 6 month income ) that was spent in the hospitals through another deal with a lot of dignity . It was a huge protection . The power of the practise is unimaginable . We must bring forth oyr courage every time we are close to getting defeated . It truly is darkest before dawn . Hope is most powerful .

    Thanks Jamie , I love your blog and you make a huge difference in my life . I have no doubt all your prayers are being answered already .

    Love from india

  2. I love this...thanks so much for sharing! I've been through my own *human revolution* this year...and I know the benefit of the May 3rd contribution. Believe it or not...last year...my donation was $1...because it was LITERALLY all I had to my name! I gave it with conviction that my life would change from that moment forward...and indeed it has! I've gone from being homeless and jobless...to now living in a beautiful home...and working a job that I love, with the respect and appreciation of those that I work for...and it doesn't get any better than that! Thank you so much for this reminder...have a very victorious day!

  3. Thank You for your compassion, and for the honest to goodness truth. My issue has been that I can clearly see what is wrong and have not had the courage to change it. No matter what the external circumstances. I directly through my own actions seem to sabotage my own progress . 1 Because I get too comfortable too soon. I mop up the water and forget to " turn off the faucet" and wait until the next flood. This time the financial karma got so intense I could not ignore it. It is my lack of responsibility that causes my financial karma and I intend to be rid of this once and for all. Experience to follow.