Saturday, May 10, 2014

Preparing for a Daimoku Toso

What's a toso and why do Nichiren Buddhists do them? 

A Toso is an extended chanting hour...two hours...three or more. They are not required or suggested or enforced in any way. People who do tosos just feel like doing tosos. Today I doing a toso because I really feel like chanting. Remember that scene in Forest Gump? WHen he's interviewed after running across the country and back for so long and he's asked why he did it, he says: "I just felt like Running." 

I have many challenges. No doubt you have many challenges too. We live in very challenging and uncertain times. 

I am writing my list of things to chant about, making tea, having a friend join me and here I go!
Join me! 


  1. I'm a SGI member from Virginia Beach Virginia member since 2002

  2. Daniela (Bulgaria)April 25, 2017 at 1:32 PM

    Great !!!

  3. I'm a new member and interested in attending. What if I would like to chant for 30 minutes and then leave. Is that disrespectful or disruptive to other members.

    1. Not at all. They respect the fact that we all do not have the same amount of time for chanting.

    2. For me there is two types of daimoku toso. The first and best gratitude daimoku and the second is desperate daimoku. The is more to me because it is how I conduct my life. When you chant this prolong type of daimoku the rymth of your life seems to be in sync with your personal circumstances. Desperate daimoku (double Ds) use only when you reach a seemingly immovable obstacle. It is your 911 call. My thoughts.

  4. I am also a new member .

  5. Hallo

    Thank you so much for your information. Beautifully put across for any beginner to understand in the practice. I am one of them. I absolutely love your work. Keep inspiring.