Saturday, May 3, 2014

Incredible May 3rd Guidance!

MAY 3 is our initial starting point, 
and simultaneously, 
the day we make 
our final declaration of complete victory. 
It is the grand anniversary which celebrates our efforts to realize a golden age of supreme spiritual triumph and glory. May 3 is invincible, unshaken by raging tempests. 
May 3 is filled with jubilation 
and ever-victorious hope. 
May 3 is the day which our friends around the world rejoice,
celebrate and deepen their determination to keep striving for

WHEN one dedicates himself/herself to the Gohonzon 

and advances in practice 
for the sake of his/her own enlightenment 
and for kosen-rufu, then, without doubt, 
he/she will become capable of truly loving others, 
and others in turn will say to themselves 

that there is something about him/her that shines.

BY arousing sincere faith 

in the Gohonzon of the Three Great Secret
Laws inscribed by Nichiren Daishonin,

and striving to chant daimoku and propagate the Law, 
you can tap the power of the Buddha and the Law
inherent in the Gohonzon and 

transform the negative karma in your life. 
Everyone can thus attain Buddhahood.

COURAGE and effort are extremely important, 

for they lead to glory and victory. 
Life is like a marathon. 
Even if you should fall a little bit behind the others 
during the race, 
there is no need to be impatient;
as long as you win in the end. 

The person who breaks the tape at the finish line 
is the true victor.

ONLY after surviving the harsh trial of winter 

can seeds burst into fresh growth in the spring time. Similarly, only by surmounting hardships 
can we be victorious in life and savor real, lasting joy.
Conversely, if we shun difficulties 

and lose our challenging spirit,
then all we will be left with in the end is failure and regret. Therefore, please blaze a trail 

through the "forest of difficulty" 
we find ourselves in and 

let's work again energetically for


Source: Daily guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

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