Monday, May 19, 2014

Waking The Buddha! This is Our Time!

Clark Strand and Jamie Lee Silver
May 18th 2014

Yesterday, Clark Strand, author of Waking the Buddha spoke at the SGI-USA Chicago Culture Center.  

This important book that has come along at the perfect time for the spread of worldwide kosen-rufu. 

The book itself is part personal memoir, and part religious history of the SGI. It's an easily accessible book - a perfect book to pass along to shakubuku and members. 

Clark Strand is a former Zen Buddhist monk, former editor at Tricycle, a Buddhist magazine distributed widely, and a well-respected writer. He is not an SGI member ~ which, in my opinion, lends even more credence to his views. 

There is so much I'd like to relate to you. For now, before I head off to work, I will mention a few things that make Waking the Buddha so important. 

As Clark said yesterday, Waking the Buddha is a mirror of what the SGI movement is and what we as individuals are doing. We live with the constant thought and intention of using our lives and the examples of actual proof we show to encourage others to become happy.
We have spread this teaching of the Mystic Law in a unique way...person to person...candle to candle. The SGI is the world in miniature...a microcosm of the peace we know is possible, and are ushering in with every Nam-myoho-renge kyo we chant. 

Clark Strand has the force of spirit to say 
(I paraphrase for now - I will directly quote in future posts) 

"Look at you, the SGI! You are doing it! You are an organization unique in all the world. The SGI is the most diverse Buddhist movement, religious movement on the face of the earth. You are the fastest growing, best organized and you serve no clergy. The SGI exists for the sake of the happiness of the members. This is revolutionary. You are already successful. This is your time. This is your time!" 
He even has a rebuttal for those who would comment "Aren't those the Buddhists who chant for cars?" He answers "Yes, and they chant for the happiness of others, and for world peace, and for their families and to be better at their jobs. They chant for everything! Isn't that great?"

There is so much more to write. Stay tuned. Write me your impressions and how you are using this book at 
And as always, send me your victories to share! 

Waking the Buddha is published by Middleway Press and is available through SGI centers in America, is on and is also on the website

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