Sunday, May 4, 2014

Inspiring Experience from Geeta, a reader in India!

Myself, Geeta Gurav, was introduced into this amazing world of SokaGakkai by my Husband Mr.NarendraGurav 4 years ago. And it’s the most prestigious gift of my life. 

My Husband took the practice seriously from the beginning, but I was taking it lightly. I attended meetings regularly, but was not serious like my husband.

I was working at Fort – Mumbai and had to leave by 6.20 in the morning. In the discussion meetings many times I heard that we should keep a goal and chant towards it. Also senior leader visited us when we were new in the practice and told us the importance of goals in life. With Total Conviction for the first time I chanted for 1 Hour to get a job in Vashi for which I had been trying for quite long. To my surprise very next morning I got call from the company that I was selected with my desired Package. This was my first victory and since then we have numbers of Victories not only in our lives but in our friends’, members’, office colleagues’ and relatives’ lives.

Around this time, my husband decided to start business and I also encouraged him. Same time Building extension work came up…we were in deep thought how to manage as business needed huge money Then we also got the news that we would be receiving the GOHONZON. I was excited and told my husband now things would settle down. We took mortgage loan and extended 2 rooms which ended our worry of where to keep the Gohonzon. Enshrinement of Gohonzon was life changing experience again. It gave us feeling of having some one in the home who can guide us throughout lifetime.

During all this we came to know that I had conceived. It was great surprise because 6 years earlier I had a miscarriage due to Chicken Pox within 3 months pregnancy and had infections in blood which resulted into no chances of conceiving again. We really thanked the new addition to our family and making it complete. Because of Members chanting and support throughout after gap of 13 years and miscarriage, I had normal delivery. 

Gosho passage says, “ as practice progress & understanding grows, the tree obstacles & four devils emerge in confusing form, vying with one another to interfere, you should not be influenced or frighten by them.” Soon we started facing financial difficulty. My company did not offer salary during 4 months of leave for delivery, we had new loan with bigger EMI and our business was still a Baby. 2 companies whom we were getting regular orders, stopped giving us orders and we were caught up in personal debts. We had to stop the business and we started looking for new opportunities. Almost for 7-8 months my husband was without any earning and whereas expenditure was added because of new born baby. I stopped going in Auto till the station and started walking. My husband stopped eating night meal most of the time. We defaulted on EMI’s, telephone bills, delayed school fees of our daughter. We walked up to 30 minutes to attend meetings to save some money.  

  Amidst all this one day, our daughter said “Mom I am a big girl now, I don’t want to drink milk anymore” This she said because she knew what her parents were going through and now her younger brother needed milk more than her. I am truly blessed to have such an understanding daughter. I rejoined office keeping my 3 months child to a baby sitter and as a Buddha child, my son stays very nicely with the baby sitter.

Gosho says, “Wise will rejoice while foolish will retreat.” In spite of all these challenges, my Husband, even for a second, never felt defeated instead he cut down on his own expenses and bought me Gosho Book so that I could read the Gosho. Time to time my husband also sought guidance from senior leaders. Now we were very regular in our practice. In fact I became more regular in morning and evening Gongyo. It was only because of having correct attitude towards life and deep faith in the Gohonzon & sensei we could stand tall to our problems.

Like the Goho says “Winter always Turns into Spring”… My prayer was answered. My husband got a call to work in Dubai. Overcoming confusion with power of chanting he went to in Dubai in December last year. But our true victory was the company deals in Corporate Gifting – the same business he was running here in India. Once again we got the proof that this practice gives you what we actually need and at the right time. 

Now there was new obstacle ready for me. On 23rd December I coughed in the office and saw little blood. I got scared at first but then chanted to support myself. Sensei says “No matter how harsh the adversity, we can always find a way to make in to a opportunity for our great human revolution. We can always use to create value.” I chanted and chanted for getting Right Doctor and Right Treatment. Finally after few days of hospitalization I was discharged and I have recovered fast and resumed my activities.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Daughter because of her only – I can attend all the meetings – she always takes care of her younger brother and allows me to attend the meetings or doing home visits. At times I reach home after 8-30 or 9 also. My little one also support by remaining calm and loving. My both Kids are following this beautiful practice and making me proud. My daughter is also speaker for today meeting.

My victory is of my one of office friend who was not getting married for long time.  From day one of my practice every day I chanted for her happiness and marriage. To my surprise on 25th April, she told that she was getting engaged on 2nd May. This is a huge Victory for me before this May 3rd Meeting that after praying and chanting for continuous 4 years, finally she is getting married. 

Here I would like take A Fresh Vow to propagate the Law. My favourite Gosho is “The Dragon Gate” and now I can feel that I am no more Carp, but have really become a Dragon”. I determine to develop my Block and spread the Happiness to all till the last moment of my life.

Thank you all.