Sunday, April 19, 2015

6 Actions to Take When it's Hard to Chant

Let's face it, we all go through times 
when it is extremely difficult to chant.

Lately many of you have been writing to me with this challenge. 
Sometimes seeing our inner lives in the mirror of the Gohonzon, while chanting is so hard. 

It can be hard to see what we need to change. But that's why we chant - so we can see what we need to change, and chant to change it. That's another reason this practice is not for wimps.

It is for courageous ones who are dedicated to their own happiness, and the happiness of other. In other words - Buddhas.

I believe that when it's hard to chant, we are poised for a breakthrough. And when we can finally sit down and chant with all our hearts we grow, we change, we evolve. 

I go through these moments myself. We all do. Sometimes the noise in our heads is so loud it's hard to drown out with our daimoku. And that's precisely WHEN we cut through our karma...and we win! 

According to my dear friend Kate Randolph, not being able to chant at times is just natural and part of our practice. She says don't get mad at yourself, just do gongyo twice a day as always and even if you can only chant a few minutes, concentrate as much as you can. 

She also said it can be difficult to chant when facing core issues in your life... important karma changing issues...crucial moments. Ahhh and that's where the breakthrough comes! And that's also why we have each other to chant with. What an excellent time to call a Gakkai friend or leader. 

At these times we need to have respect for ourselves and KNOW that we are going to show victory. 
Akema Bailey-Haynie says that sometimes we are in the middle of the ocean, but we will get to the other shore. 

We all experience this don't we? We just have to keep swimming and not give up midway! 

None of us are perfect. I am not perfect. 

We are all Buddhas 
at our Buddha coming out party! 

6 Actions to Take When It's Hard to Chant

1. Stay connected, go to SGI meetings
2. Do gongyo twice a day every day as always 
3. Read experiences 
4. Study  
5. Encourage as many people as we can...and know that it will all click back in, and we'll get back into that groove when we're chanting a lot, and the more we chant, the more we want to chant, and ZOOM we break through.
6. Call a friend to chant with us.

We need to have patience with ourselves, take care not to get out of the orbit of faith, and remember that this is a life-long practice and keep going! 

Today I am officiating at my sister's wedding. They have said it will rain and I've been chanting for sun....and so's sunny! 

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