Thursday, April 9, 2015

Saying "Thank You" Makes Our Hearts Sparkle ~*

Yesterday I read every word in the April Living Buddhism  ~  published by the Soka Gakkai. It's the monthly American publication available in the US by calling 310-260-8900. I am grateful for this publication and our wonderful SGI organization. Click on the link to the right to learn more and connect to your local members. 

In April's issue there is an article by Daisaku Ikeda called 

"The Power of Thank You.
Praise, gratitude and appreciation brings happiness." 

In this article, Daisaku Ikeda says that during all of his travels he always learned the local word for thank you ~ because it is the most important sentiment and word. 

"A person who can sincerely say thank you 
has a healthy, vital spirit, 
and each time we say it 
our hearts sparkle 
and our life force rises up powerfully 
from the depths of our being...

When we cannot say thank you, 
our personal growth stops. 
When we are growing 
we can see how wonderful others are, too. 
When we stop growing, 
all we see are other people's faults."


The spirit of gratitude generates the energy of life in our bodies and our hearts.

Right now, as many of you know,my son Ben is in the hospital. At 3:00 today he is interviewing to go into a program that might help him. I look at my life right now and all I can feel is gratitude for this wonderful son who makes me chant so much. My life has grown because of him! I am happier, stronger, healthier and wiser because of the Daimoku I have chanted for him. And I am deeply grateful that he is alive, and that I gave birth to this Buddha Boy. As I was chanting my hour this morning, my heart was overflowing with my Daisaku you...and to all who have helped and supported me on this journey. I know Ben will win and encourage many people. He already has! 

Daisaku Ikeda is right! Gratitude brings Happiness. 
How many people can you thank today? 
How many gifts of heart can you bestow today? 
How many ways can you make your own heart sparkle by saying Thank You today? 


  1. Let me start by thanking you for your wise words that always inspire!

  2. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your thought that you share on this blog and look forward to the next one.

  3. Thank you for sharing you are bringing us closer to sensei

  4. Thanks to you, Mr Ikeda and Shakamuni Gautum Budha. One who gave us Lotus Sutra one who is guiding us and explaining us abt Lotus Sutra and next thanks to you who are spreading all meaningful study of Sutra.

  5. You just remind me of this beautiful underlying truth for growth & true happiness. A heart full of gratitude is the richest of all treasures. Thank you so much Jamie...yes undoubtedly your son has already won & will get perfectly better in no time. NMRK NMRK NMRK !!!