Saturday, April 18, 2015

Creating "That Time" as the Buddhas We Are, By Daisaku Ikeda

"Our single-minded determination for kosen-rufu, 
and that alone, 
creates  the "time'" That time" 
is when we set our lives in motion, 
when we stand up of our own volition 
and by our own will and strength. 
"That time" 
is when we summon forth strong faith 
and take our place on the grand stage of kosen-rufu.

Goethe writes, 
"The moment alone is decisive; 
Fixes the life of man, 
and his future destiny settles."
"That time" is the moment you resolve 
from the depths of your heart, 
"Now I will stand up and fight." 
From that instant, 
your destiny changes. 
Your life develops. 
History begins. 
This is the spirit of the mystic principle of true cause. 
That is the principle 
of three thousand realms in a single moment of life. 
The moment 
you autonomously determine to accomplish something - 
not when you do it because you are told to - 
is "that time," the time of mission. "

Daisaku Ikeda, from The Heart of the Lotus Sutra, page 28

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