Friday, April 17, 2015

PowerPrayer for Taking Action at the Crucial Moment!

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Nichiren, SGI Buddhism is Buddhism of ACTION! It is not practiced high on a mountaintop while avoiding everyday struggles. We are not monks. We have no monks or priests in this practice. We practice amidst the struggles and strains of life and show actual proof that chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo works! We chant for what we want. 

And from time to time, life presents us with what we call "The Crucial Moment" where we know that the only way out is the way in. We need to dig deeper into the source of our power than ever before. We need to reach a deeper level of revealing our own Buddhahood and our own power.  Right now I am facing one of my own.

Yesterday I had a morning of taking massive action. 

Here are 5 Keys for taking Massive action:

1. Get mad - get riled up. Realize you deserve something better than you are getting. And take a stand for better! Get a fierce determination in your heart. 

2. Plan your morning of victory. Set aside everything so you can chant and take action. 

3. Go to bed early the night before. 

4. Take care of your body. I drink water, eat well, avoid alcohol, move my body and take vitamins on a regular basis. 

5. Wake up refreshed and early. Get your tea/coffee/water and something to write with. 

6. Sit down in front of the Gohonzon to chant and roar like the lion you are! Decide how long you are going to chant. Put away your cell phone and chant! 

You may want to use some of this PowerPrayer in mind:

PowerPrayer for Taking Massive Action at the Crucial Moment
by Jamie lee Silver of


Now is the time for action. 
Right now, with this daimoku
I am digging deeper than ever into my life
I am accessing the root of this suffering and rooting it out of my life forever 
This problem will be solved by drawing forth the power that is mine...the power of the universe through my own life. 
Some kind of way! This Has to happen:

Today I will take the exact actions 
that will help me solve this problem. 
I will reach the right people at the right time. 
They will lead me to the right solution. 
Today my powers of communication are outstanding!
I express myself 
my truth
my love 
my soul 
in the most productive, 
effective way for the right outcome. 
Show me how to end 
the fundamental suffering in my life. 
Show me how to chant, what to do, how to think, 
act, speak to release me from this suffering. 
Raise my life condition to Buddhahood right now!
Let me spread love and light 
and hope 
and cheerfulness 
and laughter everywhere 
no matter what my circumstances. 
Let me know the correct action to take -- 
and I will take it!

Then stop chanting and start taking action. 
Keep notes of your progress. Record names and numbers of whom you've contacted. Stay clear and focused on your next actions. And don't give up!  


  1. What if you don't know what action to take to get the results you want? This is my problem at the moment. The action I have taken so far has resulted in nothing. Do I just chant?

  2. Great...truly inspiring...thanks a lot!!

  3. Superb! Thanks needed this

  4. Hi, Can I find this same guidance in Spanish? I am supporting a person who lives in Brazil. She speaking Spanish an Portuguese. I do translate guidance for her but sometimes I don't have time. It would be great if I can find this one already in Spanish or Portuguese. Thank you! NMRK Lisbeth

  5. Hi, If you dont know what action u have to take to get results please chant for clearity and wisdom. You will get the clear vision . Nam myoho renge kyo