Friday, November 13, 2015

High Life Condition = Happy Life!

Today's Gosho Quote by Nichiren Daishonin: 

"Kaito said..."I felt it a terrible pity someone such as he, outstanding in every respect, should die so young. Reconsidering the matter, however, I realized that is was because od this boy's death that his mother became a seeker of the way and his father began to practice, praying for his repose. How marvelous, I thought. Moreover, the fact that they have put their trust in the Lotus Sutra, which all people detest, must mean that their deceased son has been at their side and encouraged them to do so." I also believe this to be the case."
WND 1050
The Sons Pure Storehouse and Pure Eye
Recipient unknown, written on July 7, 1280

Wow! What do you think of felt like that Gosho quote was just meant for me today. I have always been a seeker of the way, but I'm sure that I owe my determination to chant two hours a day to Ben...and my chanting has a profound effect on so fellow members, my friends, my colleagues and the seniors I serve in my job...
When our own life condition is high everyone we meet feels the effect of that positive energy. EVERYONE. 

Every morning three members are showing up to chant some or all of the two hours with me. I feel this daimoku in my life. There is not one complaint in my heart. And when I feel sad, I just allow myself to feel sad, and it passes. I am enjoying life and moving forward. 

Just this week I had a huge benefit. I decided to enroll in a course of training with other professional speakers as mentors. And my company is paying for it. How awesome is that? I've taken a few of the modules already and I know it's just what I need to continue living my dream of being a published author and sought after public speaker...
Now is the time! let's all make our dreams come true! 

Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the source of all the great energy, drive, smarts, good timing....everything. We've got this! 

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