Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ben's Memorial Mile

Readers of this blog know my son, Benjamin Lee Silver went on his next journey this summer. We miss him. And we are honoring him with Ben's Memorial Mile. 

I spent 8 hours of this weekend telling people about Ben's Memorial Mile, coming up on June 11th, 2016. Here I am with Aaron, Larry Lifson, a dear friend of ours, and Meg, Aaron's girlfriend. 

The race will be held at Downers Grove North High School, Downers Grove, Illinois, USA. It's much more than a race. There will be activities and events for people of all ages. There will be an elite mile for the fast runners, and there will also be events for people of all ages. My favorite is the race for little ones where they can "run" as any animal they want to be. That is totally "Benish" - he would love it. There will be walks for people like me :), and sponsorship tables of all kinds...

It was fun promoting this race this weekend. We saw people we haven't seen in years, and we met many people who knew Ben, or had heard about him. We're raising money for Schizophrenia research, cure, and help. There's a Facebook page "Ben's Memorial Mile." 

If you are considering joining us please let me know at
Tomorrow is Ben's Birthday. He would have been 23, on November 23rd. 
it's a good thing I've been chanting two hours a day....

All my best to you. 


  1. U look great Jamie . And Ben is such a fortune baby to have you as his mother .

  2. Sending you lots of love and light, dear Jamie.
    This is a difficult time but you are taking so much positive action.
    I lost my baby (stillbirth) and my brother (suicide) within the same month three years ago, and I know the power of daimoku to overcome dark days and sadness, and to understand the Mystic Law of Life and Death with your entire being. Keep going, you are a miraculous lady. I wish you all the strength needed for tomorrow, and a grand event in Ben's honour.

  3. v touching to hear from you. I want you to know that Ben is still in my prayers.