Sunday, November 15, 2015

Karma Changing Chanting! Right Here Right Now!


"The benefit of all the other sutras is uncertain, 
because they teach that one must first make good causes and only then 
can one become a Buddha at some later time. 
With regard to the Lotus Sutra, 
when one's hand takes it up, 
that hand immediately attains Buddhahood,  
and when one's mouth chants it, 
that mouth is itself the Buddha, 
as for example, 
the moon is reflected in the water 
the moment it appears from behind the eastern mountains, or as a sound and its echo arise simultaneously."

From the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin - WND, p.1099
Wu-lung and I-lung. Written to the lay nun Ueno on November 15th.


How can we, as Buddhists really make a difference in the world? We have seen the horrible news. There are so many who are suffering all over the world.

We are in the age of Mapo...a time of great challenges and darkness, and we chose to be born now so we can make a difference. We, as microcosms of the universe, can make the changes we need to make by changing ourselves first, by doing shakubuku to enable others to do this as well, and by taking the correct actions to stand up in faith and in the world. 

And, for me, it starts in the conviction 
of the power of the Daimoku 
I am chanting this very moment. 

I am changing my life, 
and all of life. 

I have become aware of some karmic patterns I am determined to change. 
I have lived these karmic patterns my whole life. 

Today I had a deep resolve and change of heart that RIGHT NOW, WITH THIS DAIMOKU, I am changing these patterns forever. Just like the quote above so mystically says 

"the moon is reflected in the water 
the moment it appears from behind the eastern mountains, or as a sound and its echo arise simultaneously."

As I chanted I summoned up the deep conviction, expressed as the thoughts in my head, that each and every daimoku was changing my karma RIGHT NOW, not at some time in the future.  

"THIS DAIMOKU IS changing this specific karma right this very second."

I wrote down the nature of the karma I was changing. 

I dug deep into the feelings within my gut - these inner rumblings of fear, and doubt and pure emotion -  to change these feelings be rid of the doubt that my prayer would not work. I did not chant "wishful Daimoku" 
I chanted "Right here right now I am changing my karma FOREVER" Daimoku. 

After the two hours, as I was doing the silent prayers, I prayed to deeply realize that this very morning the Daimoku I chanted is a DONE DEAL. I prayed to have the conviction that I JUST CHANGED my karma, and I will not be swayed by any doubt. 
I believe in my Buddhahood and the Buddhahood of others. I believe in the power of the Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I just chanted. 
I have faith in the power of my prayer 
and the power of my life 
and my Buddhahood. 
I can, and DID, and will continue to change my karma, change the karma of our troubled world, and create a world fo respect for all beings (kosen-rufu) through my own life. 


  1. Beautifully expressed and so inspiring, Jamie! thanks for this act of kosenrufu you have truly performed and you do with all your posts.

  2. Wow very inspiring as i just woke up this morning