Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting laid off ~ How-to keep a great attitude and Succeed

Yesterday I chanted three hours in the morning ~ because I wanted to ~ and because I could. I find that the more I chant the more I want to chant. Those three hours just flew. They went faster than some five minutes of chanting have gone. I was so connected to my prayer. 

Here is my insight on getting laid off and keeping a great attitude and successfully finding a new job. 

I have done this before. Every lay off I have had has resulted in something wonderful coming into my life. When I was laid off in San Francisco I was able to accomplish my goal of moving back to the Midwest to raise my boys. When I was laid off in 2010 I was able to have some major surgery and not have to worry about a thing (thanks to Paul), and this layoff will result in something wonderful. I am sure. I'm not technically done with this job until the end of the month, but I am just sewing up loose ends at this point. 


I don't hold resentment about the company that laid me off.  I don't take it personally or bad mouth them. It is business. Carrying around resentment is never good. 
I once knew someone who told the story of how wronged she had been by the company that laid her off. She told this story to anyone who would listen...over and over. This is just a bad practice and really unhelpful in moving forward and being happy. No one wants to hear this and it generated negative energy. Let it go. 
I take the time to show each person I worked with appreciation for my time with them, and keep as many relationships as I can through many means, Linkedin makes it easy to stay connected, but actually getting together with people is the best way to be connected. 

Stay close to your previous work friends. You never know where the lead for the new job will come from. This last job came about because of an email a business friend sent to me. 

Most importantly ~ Things I do to keep my spirits up and create benefit while in the job search mode:

I connect to my greater prayer as a Votary of the Lotus Sutra. I chant in appreciation at every moment and chant to show actual proof through my life. I chant to pull the entire energy of the universe through my life in order to inspire all those around me. I chant that this experience will inspire people to their very core...that they can watch me going through this process and not getting down (I am sincerely happy - this is not some kind of fake positive thinking facade). 

I can show what a courageous, determined human being, who has absolute faith in her own power can do...inspire others in the midst of life changes and turmoil. The fact that I am so protected financially and in all other ways is no accident. I have dedicated my life to the happiness of others...and through this process my life is protected. Whenever I start to feel even a little bit down I chant MORE and the feeling goes away quickly. 

I stick to my daimoku schedule as always. I chant at least an hour in the morning...enjoying my tea and my time to direct and commune with my life itself. I have a cozy chair and keep warm. I have a good light on my Gohonzon.  I plan my morning around my hour of Daimoku. I relish this time. 

I continue chanting for other people. I don't just switch the focus to me. I chant with even more concentration for every one of the readers of this blog - YOU. I chant that this experience can somehow strengthen your faith, and that you will understand and use this practice more effectively than you ever had before...and that benefits will just flow from you...and that others will be asking what you are doing...and you can do shakubuku. You can chant this way too. You can chant to have the kind of experience that you will want to write up and share on this blog so that you can inspire others with your brilliant life. 

I take good care of myself. I eat well. I treat myself well. I talk nicely to myself. ESPECIALLY when you are laid off or looking for a job treat yourself with extreme care. I take my vitamins, I switched last week to a healthier way of eating and I feel energized and better than ever. 

I also make my list of what I am looking for in a job. 

That's it for's time to go and get ready for tomorrow's holiday. We are celebrating Thanksgiving in the states. I am so grateful for YOU. For all of your emails, support, questions. I am so grateful for you. 

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