Monday, September 7, 2009

Glorious Family Day

This weekend has been wonderful. Aaron, my precious older son came home from U of I to watch his brother run in the Leavy Invite Cross Country meet in St Charles. It was a perfect day. I was only able to chant an hour and fifteen minutes before the race because I use my phone as my alarm and I'd turned my phone off the night before while I was in the theater watching Julie and Julia. Loved the show.

Anyway, back to glorious Saturday. The best thing was my Mom. Last year at this time she was sick...her sister was sick...she couldn't attend the race. This year she not only attended, but after the race we went to the Oak Brook art fair and met the boys at the Clubhouse for dinner...and Mom stayed out till almost eight pm. She did all this with multiple oxygen tanks and her wonderful purple rolling walker with the seat! We laughed...and enjoyed each other's company...and when I dropped her off at her assisted living community we both chanted to HER Gohonzon for a full 8 minutes - she was in full voice with plenty of breath ~ and she was so excited when we ended..."Did you hear that?" she said! "Did you hear how strong I was? I chanted with no problem!. Maybe I'll be off this oxygen soon!".
There is nothing on earth better than chanting with your dear loved ones. You can feel the power blooming in their lives! Go Mom!

The race itself was amazing. Last year Ben (my son) came in first, and it was very exciting, but he was wasted at the end. It took him a long time to recover his breathing and his color. He was chanting last year too. He was running ahead of everyone, and in cross country races you run into the woods. At one point he started to go dowm the wrong path, and the boy behind him (who would have won the race if Ben had lost his way) corrected him. Isn't that something? I thanked that outstanding young gentleman and took a picture of the two of them togehter with their medals around their necks after the award ceremony.

This year Ben had a breakthrough. He came in fourth, He came in strong. He had a kick at the end. His first time to really get a kick! He was elated!! He chanted all week with me. I got him on film in all his glowing happiness. I love being a Mom. I adore my life!
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

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